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Last modified on September 25, 2023

Learning multiplication tables can be boring and tedious for many children, especially if they have a poor memory for numbers.
To make learning multiplication tables less of a chore, we have created an unique and original method: the RiverTimes Method using Multiplication Flash Cards. They are called "Flash" because they allow a quick or Flash memorization of the multiplication tables. You will be surprised to see that children will need only 2 or 3 days to memorize one multiplication table.

These Multiplication Cards are a playful learning way to learn the times tables and they are specially designed for children because it's always easier to learn while having fun!

The effectiveness of the RiverTimes Method is based on:

  • The association of a SPECIFIC COLOR to each number or animal
  • FUNNY STORIES associated with each multiplication
  • A COHERENCE between the result and the numbers used in the multiplication, based on the personality and features of each animal.

The Flash Cards Rivertimes use 2 complementary memorization processes:

  • Visual memorization: thanks to the images on the cards (designed to appeal to children) and thanks to the color codes.
  • Auditory memorization: thanks to the funny stories that accompany the images

Find below: The RiverTimes memorization method step by step / the animals of the RiverTimes world / the tools to revise your times tables.
The RiverTimes Flash Cards can also be used in a matching game to help revision.

Choose a Multiplication Table

RiverTimes: Method for Fast Memorization of Multiplication Tables

RiverTimes method for Fast memorization of the Multiplication Tables

The RiverTimes method for fast memorization of the times tables has many advantages:

  • Easy and Fun: The children love it and ask for more, learning the tables is no longer a chore!
  • Fast: It only takes 4 days (1 hour in total) to fully learn one of the times tables!
  • Efficient: The method works for the majority of children, even those for whom conventional methods have failed!

Choose one of the times tables and follow the steps below, step by step. Here, we took the example of the 2 Times table to illustrate the process.

RiverTimes method step 1

DAY 1: Discover the Animals
Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
Introduce each animal to the child (using the Animal cards) so he/she can get acquainted with their personalities, their hobbies, etc. This step is important because when children are better acquainted with the characteristics of each animal, they will find it easier to remember the end of the story and therefore the result of the multiplication. At the end, don't hesitate to ask them questions about the animals to make sure that they have remembered. This first step is usually very quick and children often can't wait to discover the adventures of the animals. If a child asks you what happens next to the animals, don't hesitate to move onto the step planned for Day 2.

RiverTimes method step 2

DAY 2 + DAY 3: Memorization of Multiplications
Duration: 15 to 20 minutes / day
Learning can now begin. Choose a table he/she doesn't know and show him/her the multiplications of this table, one by one.
1- Show the first Flash card and tell the story of this multiplication (2 x 2 = 4 in the case of the 2 Times table).
Start with the story of the Multiplication half of the card and tell the beginning of the story. Then tell the end of the story corresponding to the Result half of the card.
2- Reformulation by the child
While leaving the card visible in front of the child, ask him or her to tell the story back to you in turn. By telling the story, the child will memorize it better.
When it's done, continue with the next multiplication (2 x 3 = 6 in the case of the 2 Times table) and so on until the last multiplication of the table (2 x 9 = 18 in the case of the 2 Times table). For DAY 3, repeat identically, always for the same table.

RiverTimes method step 3

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
It is important to revise the table a week later, this will anchor the multiplication in the child's memory permanently. This step will also allow you to verify that he/she memorized the table during the previous steps.

1- Fold the flash card in 2 to obtain a double-sided card: multiplication on one side and result on the other (You can keep it folded using a paper clip for example).

2- Show the child the multiplication side only (without telling the story) and ask him/her to give the result out loud. By remembering the story in his head, the child will easily visualize the result of the multiplication. If a child has trouble with one of the multiplications, show him/her the back of the flash card with the picture of the result.

RiverTimes method step 4

Duration: 5 minutes
Training is essential to make the response to the multiplication automatic and thus accelerate the response time by the child. This step proceeds without using the cards.
Say out loud a multiplication and ask him/her to give just the result. Proceed in this way for all the multiplications of the table, 2 or 3 times. If he/she succeeds, you can move onto the next times table! But if the child still has hesitations, repeat the training for a few days but no more than 5 minutes per day. Let's not forget that learning mustn't become a chore!

Our Multiplication Flash Cards

You will find in each PDF all the necessary elements for an easy and fast memorization of the times tables:

  • The Flash Cards to print and cut out.
  • The stories associated with each multiplication.
  • The method for memorization.

There are 2 types of cards:

  • The Animals cards: They describe the personalities, hobbies and other features specific to each animal.
  • The Multiplication Flash cards divided into 2 parts:
    * Multiplication part (on the left): It represents the numbers of the multiplication, i.e., the meeting between 2 animals.
    * Result part (on the right): It represents the result of the multiplication, i.e., the story resulting from this meeting between the two animals.

Funny Stories with Animals for Easy Learning

To make it easier for children to learn, funny story with animals is associated with each multiplication. All of these stories take place on a riverbank, that's the world of RiverTimes! Animals that can't swim are on the bank, while animals like flamingos, swans and octopuses are in the water. Sometimes some animals that can't swim want to cross the river, so they will ask the swan for help (a helpful animal that is always ready to help others) but they can also use the boat.
Each story is always consistent with the personality, hobbies and other characteristics of each animal, and this allows the children to quickly remember the result of the multiplication.

Animals Shaped like Numbers

Discover below all the animals shaped like numbers of the RiverTimes world. These cards, included in all Flash Card PDFs, must not be overlooked. Indeed, they are used in the first step of the method to allow children to get acquainted with the characteristics of each animal. Each card describes the personality, hobbies and other features of each animal.

Tools to revise your times tables

The revision of the times tables is an essential step for long-term memorization. That's why we provide you with several free tools to help you revise your tables learned with our RiverTimes Flash Cards:

1- Colorful RiverTimes Multiplication Charts

These charts use the color codes of the RiverTimes animals, you will find a Rivertimes multiplication Chart 10x10 as well as a Rivertimes multiplication Chart 12x12

2- Blank, Colorful RiverTimes Multiplication Charts

Fill out a blank multiplication chart is a great way to revise your tables. These blank RiverTimes charts use the color codes of the RiverTimes animals, you will find the Rivertimes blank multiplication Chart 10x10 or the Rivertimes blank multiplication Chart 12x12

3- Games using Rivertimes flash Cards

We offer you an Online Rivertimes Multiplication Game to review your tables learned with the RiverTimes Method. You will also find a RiverTimes Game rules using Flash Cards previously printed.
These 2 games will allow you to efficiently review your tables while having fun. Play alone, with family or friends!