Personal data protection and privacy policy

Memozor attaches a great importance to the protection of your personal data so as to respect your privacy. This privacy policy applies to the web platform (hereinafter referred to as "we","Memozor" or "Site").

Our privacy policy is there to explain what type of information can be collected on our Site, how they are collected, how we use them and in which circumstances we can disclose them to third parties.
We thank you for reading entirely the privacy policy before any navigation on Memozor and we invit you to check regularly because this document is updated regularly, especially concerning legal evolutions.

Memozor makes the necessary arrangements to ensure a level of personal data protection in conformity with:

  • The french law n°78-17 « Informatique & libertés » of 6 january 1978 modified,
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) n°2016/679 adopted by the european parliament on the 27th of April 2016,
  • The « California Consumer Privacy Act » (CCPA) adopted on the 1st june 2018 and came into effect on the 1st january 2020.

This privacy policy completes our legal notice that you can consult on the page legal notice.

If you have questions or need more information on our privacy policy, don't hesitate and contact us:

  • by email:
    Email Memozor
  • or by post:
    Emmanuelle ROUGER
    32 rue Maurice Martin
    40130 CAPBRETON


Emmanuelle ROUGER, owner and developer of Memozor, is the only responsible of personal data collection and treatment.


By using the site, you agree to our privacy policy and accept its conditions.


Generally speaking, you don't have to communicate your personal data when visiting our Site Meanwhile, this principle has some exceptions. As a matter of fact, you may be led to communicate some data such as: your name, your surname, your email address when you make a request via the contact form on the « Contact » page. Memozor also collects automatically and for statistical purpose some analytical data when you navigate on our Site, without allowing to identify directly the user. To know more about this type of information, please check the section « Other data collected by Memozor ».

1. What are the personal data collected ?

When you make a request via the contact form on the « Contact » page, you are led to communicate your name, surname and your email.

2. Purpose of personal data collection

The only purpose of personal data collection via Memozor contact form is to give an answer to your request. Your name, surname and email will never be communicated nor sales to anyone. The same way as your data will never be used for marketing and prospection mailing.

For any case, you can refuse to give your personal data. In that case, you will not be able to use the contact form but will still be able to contact us directly by email or postal mail.

3. Personal data retention period

Your personal data are kept during a period which doesn't exceed the necessary period to purpose they are collected for.

4. Personal data recipients

Your personal data collected are only communicated to Emmanuelle ROUGER, the owner of Memozor and are never given or saled to third parties.

5. Personal data Storage location and security method

The personal data collected by the contact form of Memozor are stocked on secured mail servers belonging to the host of memozor:, located in the united states:
InMotion Hosting, Inc
3629 Sentara Way, Suite 303
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

6. What are your rights and how to exercise them ?

Under the french law n°78-17 « Informatique & libertés » on 6 january 1978, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) n°2016/679 of 27 April 2016, and under the « California Consumer Privacy Act » (CCPA which came into effect on the 1st january 2020, you have a right to access your personal data, and a right to rectification, or erasure of them, and also a right for the limitation of your data processing and portability.

You have also the right to complain to the national authority in charge of protecting your personal data.

In France, it's the National Comission for Data protection and liberties, the CNIL.

In California, users have the possibility to contact the California Departement of justice.


Memozor also collects automatically, and in a statistical purpose, some analytical data when you navigate on our Site, without allowing anyone to identify directly the users.

1. What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer's browser directory when you consult a web page. It doesn't enable to identify you but is used to register some data of your web navigation. This cookie has no effect on the other data residing on your computer or device.

2. Cookies & Memozor

The web user is informed that when he visits Memozor, some Google cookies can be installed automatically during his navigation software or "browser" by Google, a third-party provider. The only cookies used by Memozor are used for internal statistical purpose, to have a better comprehension on how the users are using Memozor and for ad purpose for targeted advertising. To know more about personalized advertising, please check the section « Advertising on Memozor » in our Privacy policy.

3. How to disable the cookies

Users have the possibility to disable these cookies through parameters within their browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera).
We advice to you to check on the site which explains clearly the way to proceed to disable the storage of « cookies files » on each browser.
You can also find this information on each browser web site support:

4. What are the information collected ?

Like any website, Memozor collects automatically your information when you navigate on our Site. This information are not personal data and are transmitted to us thanks to a Google Analytics (Google statistical tool) tracker present in every Memozor pages and which works thanks Google Analytics cookies that are placed on your browser. The information are analytical data concerning the use of Memozor.

There is the detailled list :

  • The webpages you visit and the games you play,
  • The time spent on each page or game,
  • Your geographical area, only the region and town,
  • Your IP address,
  • Your browser type, its version and language,
  • The page display speed in your browser,
  • Your device type (desktop, tablet, smartphone), the brand and the model of your device,
  • The way you arrived on Memozor (direct access, through a search engine, social network or referrer website).

Seeking for your privacy policy, we disabled your personal demographic data collection by Google. Here is the list of data That Google never collect:

  • Your age group,
  • Your gender,
  • Your areas of interest.

5. Aim of the data collection

This information collected via Google Analytics are used for internal statistical purpose to have a better comprehension of how visitors use Memozor website in order to improve it.
For instance, this collected information will enable us to:

  • Know your games preferences on our Site so as to improve them and to be more accurate in the future games that we will offer you.
  • Detect some game ergonomy or functioning problems on specific devices or on specific browsers in order to correct them.

6. Storage place and data security

Even though we have a visual access to information collected by Google Analytics, they are not stored on secured Memozor servers but on secured Google ones.
You can consult Google Analytics privacy policy or the detailed use of Google Analytics cookies.


Free access to the whole Site and especially to Memozor games is financed by advertising revenue. Concerning Memozor advertising, we use Adsense, a Google's advertising program, widely used on the web.

In order to publish advertising which is interesting for you, Google uses targeting advertising technology based on cookies. To know more about Google advertising cookies, see « How Google uses cookies in advertising ? ».
Thanks to those advertising cookies, Google has the opportunity to display customized ads, also called « interest-based advertising ». It means that Google has the possibility to adapt advertising displayed on Memozor considering your navigation on the Site and or other previous websites you have visited, in order to target your own interest.

1. Customized advertising process

Here are some of the many factors that Google can take into account to select displayed ads:

  • The kind of sites you consult and the applications installed on your computer,
  • The cookies installed on your internet browser and your Google account parameters,
  • The websites and applications you have consulted which belong to society that publish Google ads,
  • Your activity on another device,
  • Previous interactions with Google ads,
  • Your activity on Google account and its information...

To know more, please consult the section « About Google ads »or « Why you're seeing an ad ? »

2. What can you do if you don't want any customized advertising ?

You can, at any moment, remove your consent to Google targeting advertising technology use. Watch out, refusing targeted advertising only means that the ads appearing on the Site will not be adapted to your areas of interest but it won't prevent non-targeted ads to appear.

Here are 2 methods:

  • You have the possibility to delete and disable cookies in your browser, to know how, see the section « How to disable the cookies » on this page.
  • If you have a google account, you have the possibility to set the parameters of displayed ads from the Google page « Ad personalization ».


Child protection is very important for Memozor. The Site doesn't have any content that could offend the young public, even "Adult Memory games" are for all ages. This site being dedicated to people of all ages, we made the choice to disable all the advertising with violend or sexual undertone.
However, we encourage parents and tutors to oversee and guide online children. It might prove appropriate to install an advertising blocker on the devices used by the youngest in order to prevent ads which could be inappropriate.


When you join our Facebook page, the only data that Memozor might collect are anonymous and used for statistical purpose only, especially to follow the page rate of suscribers.
Memozor is not responsible for the data processing that could be done with your Facbook personal data. In order to know you rights or to know how to configure your account to protect your privacy, we encourage you to consult Facebook privacy policy.