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Last modified on January 24, 2023

Learning the multiplication tables is often a tedious task for children (and for their parents!). We wanted to make it easier for you by providing you with all the necessary tools to Easily memorize the times tables. All the free resources on this page can be used by teachers for educational purposes.

We offer you different sizes of Multiplication Charts, classic or colorful, complete or blank, that will help you with your math homework. Don't hesitate to read our Tips for learning your tables or our Tricks to memorize more quickly the Times tables.

You will love our Multiplication Games dedicated to children for an Easy and Fast learning. Thanks to these interactive and free games, children will learn their tables in a fun way and without making any effort. Learning in a playful way, is more fun :)

Don't miss out on our Multiplication Flash Cards! It's an Unique and Efficient method that combines animals shaped like numbers with funny stories to help children remember the multiplication tables! These cards, illustrated with cute pictures of animals, are sure to please children and you will be surprised by this efficient way to memorize the Times tables.

Times tables Charts

Times tables charts (2 PDF to cut and assemble)

A pretty chart with all the times tables to print in A4 format (PDF). We have assigned a different color code for each times table, with a nice color gradient. The colors will help you memorize all your multiplication tables from the 1 to the 12 times table (other colors are available for this resource).

See the Times tables Charts

Multiplication Flash Cards - RiverTimes

How to learn your Multiplication tables?

There are many ways to learn the times tables and, as everyone's different, it is up to you to find the method that suits you best, so feel free to try several methods to find the one that works best for you. Here are the memorization methods you can use:

1- Use images:

Ideal for those who have a visual memory! Discover RiverTimes: our Original and Unique method using Multiplication Flash cards to memorize your tables easily while having fun.

2- Learn with a song:

Ideal for those who have an auditory memory! You will find on the web many videos with sung multiplication tables.

3- Copy on a sheet of paper over and over again:

For many children, copying several times in a row multiplication helps them to memorize them well.

4- Recite your tables aloud:

Another method that works very well if you have an auditory memory.

5- Use a colorful multiplication chart:

Another method that works well for those with visual memory. To help you memorize your tables, we recommend that you color the squares of the chart by assigning a color code to each times table. To save time, you can print a colorful Multiplication Chart.

6- Do you have a good memory for numbers?

You're lucky! You won't need any particular method, just study a multiplication chart and it's done!

Know the tricks for the Times tables!

Why complicate life when there are so many tricks that can help you learn faster! Here we offer you only the most effective tricks, the ones that will really save you time in learning your multiplication tables:

1- No need to learn the whole multiplication Chart!

There is a symmetry in the multiplication chart passing through the diagonal, i.e. the multiplications located on one side of the diagonal are equivalent to those located on the other side. Instead of 100 multiplications in the 10x10 table (144 in the table of 12), there are actually only 36 to learn (55 for the table of 12)! To learn more about multiplications that you don't need to learn, see our tricks to learn a multiplication chart.

2- Tricks for the 1 Time table

When a number is multiplied by 1, the result is always the number (Example: 8 x 1 = 8).

3- Tricks for the 2 and 4 Times table

The common point of these 2 tables is that the result always ends with 0,2,4,6 or 8.

4- Tricks for the 5 Times table

The result of this table always ends with 0 or 5.

5- Tricks for the 6 Times table

It's the table that rhymes! Indeed, in this table, there are 3 multiplications which rhyme and which will be thus much easier to memorize than the others. They are 6x4=24, 6x6=36, 6x8=48. The ideal is to repeat aloud several times these 3 multiplications and you will see that, thanks to the rhymes, you will learn them very fast!

6- Tricks for the 9 Times table

When you multiply a number by 9, the result always starts with the number from which you have subtracted 1 (number - 1). Example: 9 x 8 = 72 (because 8-1 =7). Moreover, the sum of the 2 digits of the result is always equal to 9. Example: 9 x 8 = 72 (7+2=9).

7- Tricks for the 10 Times table

When a number is multiplied by 10, the result is the number followed by a zero (Example: 8 x 10 = 80).

8- Tricks for the 11 Times table

See our tricks for the 11 Times table

9- Tricks for the 12 Times table

See our tricks for the 12 Times table

Tools to revise your times Tables

Don't neglect the revisions of your tables because it is an essential step for a long term memorization, so don't forget them! There are several ways to revise your tables:

1- Fill in a blank multiplication chart

Filling in a blank multiplication chart is a great way to revise your tables. To avoid wasting time drawing the grid yourself, print out a ready-to-use Blank (empty) multiplication Chart.

2- Use our Multiplication Worksheets

The use of dedicated worksheets for multiplication tables proves to be an effective and proven learning method. The worksheets are specially designed to target specific multiplication tables. This will allow you to focus on one table at a time, thus facilitating memorization.
You can find our multiplication exercises here:

3- Copy the multiplications several times

When there's a multiplication you're having trouble remembering, copy it on a sheet of paper several times in a row. Repeat the operation for 2 or 3 consecutive days (until you know it by heart), then move on to the next multiplication.

4- Recite your table

Reciting the tables several times in your head (or out loud) is also an excellent method of revision. If you learned them with a song, don't hesitate to sing for your revisions!