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Find here all your favorite themes and play to related Matching games. A large range of themes such as Cartoons, kids' favorite characters but also movie themed games, nature themed games, animals themed games, learning matching games and many others...

These games are compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones, IOS or android. The content and the games adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play the games on a tablet or a smartphone.
Choose from the list below your favorite theme and have fun!

There are themes especially for children: cartoons, Walt Disney, Halloween, Pokemons or Christmas. And others that will appeal to a wider audience, for example:

  • Animals theme: A theme with matching games that appeals to young and old alike with games based on the geographical distribution of animals (Asia, Africa, or Tropical animals) or according to their "family" (matching game with felines or dogs) or their place of life (marine animals or farm animals) but it can also be a more original theme such as strange animals...
  • Nature theme: A theme that will also appeal to people of all ages, choose between mushrooms, flowers or trees. Greenery and pretty pictures!
  • Objects theme: You choose the type of objects you are interested in and if you hesitate, the memory with everyday objects will be the unanimous one.
  • Art & Culture theme: Matching games for the curious or for those who want to learn: from monuments to paintings and the most famous statues.
  • Sport theme: A theme dedicated to sports lovers: games with photos of famous sportsmen (baseball, football), objects or simply beautiful pictures of different sports.
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