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Last modified on March 02, 2024

Here you'll find a wide range of online Simon-like games that are variations of the famous Simon game including, of course, the Original and Classic version of the Simon game! The variations of this game offered by Memozor are each more original than the last, making it impossible to get bored! Discover, for example, the Simon of the haunted house, Simon with an iPhone keyboard, or even a piano version of Simon, and many others that will appeal to young and old alike...

If you're new to the Simon game, take a look at the Simon game rules. Each of our games has several setting options located below the game: Game speed, Sound options, High score... Each Simon can be used in PLAY mode or TRAINING mode. Find the full list of Simon online game features. If you're already familiar with the game, choose the one you like from the list below and off you go!


Memozor offers you a free online version of the famous Simon game! This classical version, with its circular design and its 4 big illuminated buttons, is like the original electronic edition of the game edited by MB Company in 1978. To know more about the origin of this game, you can read our section Origin and history of the Simon® game.

You can switch to TRAINING mode using the buttons below the game. In that mode, mistakes are allowed. If you make a mistake, the game will show you the series again. You can also change the sound of the game.

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Best Simon Games

3571 Reviews
Simon game

Online version of the Simon electronic game with its 4 big illuminated buttons

336 Reviews
DIFFICULT Simon game - Piano version
Simon game - Piano version

Reproduce the piece of music with the piano keys

66 Reviews
NEW ! Online Xylophone game
Online Xylophone game

A xylophone game with 8 wooden coloured bars like a Simon

522 Reviews
Simon game - haunted house

The windows of this haunted house illuminate, a real Halloween decor!

39 Reviews
DIFFICULT Simon game - The library
Simon game - The library

A challenging Simon game with illuminated books in the library

8 Reviews
NEW ! Simon game - The Balloons
Simon game - The Balloons

A festive Simon game with luminous balloons

11 Reviews
NEW ! Simon game - The planets
Simon game - The planets

Simon's space game with luminous planets

221 Reviews
Simon game - Iphone keyboard

This game reproduces the keys of an iphone keyboard, memorize the keys pressed

194 Reviews
Simon air

The online version of the Simon air with its circular design and its four keys

142 Reviews
Super Simon

The online version of Super Simon with its hexagonal design and its six keys

536 Reviews
Simon game - Rubik's Cube

A very original Simon game with the faces of a Rubik's Cube

351 Reviews
Simon game - mushrooms

In a lovely forest, cute mushrooms whose heads illuminate

223 Reviews
Simon game - Christmas presents

A nice Christmas decor where the gifts, fallen from the sleigh, illuminate

98 Reviews
Simon game - Christmas shop

A pretty Christmas shop whose windows illuminate, a game for Christmas holidays

152 Reviews
Simon game - animals

A Simon game with pretty pictures of animals and different sounds for each key

110 Reviews
Simon game - Christmas baubles

A Christmas tree in a snowy landscape with its 10 Christmas baubles

174 Reviews
Simon game - letters of the alphabet

An original game with the 26 letters of the alphabet, each key is linked to the letter sound

112 Reviews
Simon game - Emoji

A funny Simon game with many cute emoji

62 Reviews
Simon game - Christmas tincel

A funny version with a Christmas tincel for the Christmas season

93 Reviews
Simon game - christmas tree

A christmas tree with its illuminated christmas baubles

88 Reviews
Simon game - squares

An original Simon with 16 squares of different colours linked to a bip sound

116 Reviews
Simon game for baby

A simon game for babies with 4 illuminated keys, suitable for very yound kids

132 Reviews
Simon game - 6 keys

A free simon game online with 6 light keys linked to six different sounds

Simon, an excellent memory game!

Simon is the quintessential memory game! Depending on the player, the memorization mechanisms involved are visual memory (colorful light-up keys), auditory memory (sound keys), or both! All of this makes it a great tool for training your memory.

If your goal is to improve your memory, then choose the Simon's TRAINING Mode: in this mode, mistakes are allowed. If you make a mistake, Simon will show you the series again, as many times as necessary! Thanks to your right to make mistakes, you can reach higher levels with much longer and therefore more difficult series!

Just like in the electronic Simon game, the light and sound series is randomly generated by a program. This means you can play as many times as you want, because the game will be different every time, impossible to get bored!

Discover the other types of memory games offered by Memozor, including the cult Matching game, also known as Concentration card game. All our games are free, compatible with all browsers and all devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, IOS or Android. The game automatically adapts to the size of your screen, so you can play wherever you are!