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You will find here the classic Simon game (identical to the famous game published by MB in 1978) but you will find too many variants of the Simon, each more original than the other. So, choose the game you prefer from the list below and have fun!

These games are now responsive, indeed they are compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. The content and the games adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play the game on a tablet or a smartphone.

Another new feature is that now you can change the game speed, and so the level of difficulty, thanks to the three buttons ("slow","normal","quick") located below the game.

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New simon games

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A nice Christmas decor where the gifts fallen from the sleigh light up randomly one after the other, a simon game ideal for playing during the Christmas holidays...

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A pretty Christmas shop whose windows are randomly illuminating one after the other, an ideal simon game for playing during the Christmas holidays...

(20 Reviews)

A simon game with cute mushrooms in a lovely forest. The heads of these mushrooms are randomly illuminating one after the other...

(20 Reviews)

This simon game reproduces the keys of an iphone keyboard, you have to memorize the keys pressed and reproduce the series...

(14 Reviews)

A haunted house of which the windows are randomly illuminating. This old abandoned house is very spooky, a real Halloween decor!

(18 Reviews)

Simon game with piano keys, you will find here all the notes of a true piano, so try to reproduce the piece of music...

(315 Reviews)

This game is the online version of the famous Simon electronic game with its 4 big keys...

(28 Reviews)

A free simon game online with pretty pictures of animals and different sounds for each key....

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The online version of the Simon air with its circular design and its four keys: red, green, blue and yellow

(17 Reviews)

A funny version of the Simon game to play during Christmas...

(31 Reviews)

An original free simon game online with the 26 letters of the alphabet, each key is linked to the letter sound...

(30 Reviews)

The online version of the Super Simon with its hexagonal design and its six keys: orange, purple, pink...

(16 Reviews)

A funny simon game with many cute emoji, you have to memorize the keys pressed and reproduce the series...

(12 Reviews)

A funny version of the Simon game with a Christmas tincel to play during Christmas...

(39 Reviews)

A christmas tree with its illuminated christmas baubles for this free simon game online...

(28 Reviews)

An original and free simon game online with 16 squares of different colours linked to a bip sound...

(38 Reviews)

A free simon game online for babies with 4 illuminated keys, a game suitable for very yound kids...

(56 Reviews)

A free simon game online with 6 light keys linked to six different sounds...

The simon game :

The Simon game is, initially, an electronic game with a circular design and four big illuminated buttons (or illuminated keys) of different colors: red, green, yellow and blue. The first simon game was published by the company MB (Milton Bradley) in 1978. The inventors of the game are Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison.

This game takes its name from the small childish game "Simon says".

The notes of this game: mi(E), do#(C#), la (A), other mi (a lower one) were not randomly selected but only with the objective to produce an harmonious melody and that, whatever the sequential order.

After 1980, other versions of this game have been marketed as a game with 8 light keys or an hexagonal game with 6 keys (Super Simon).

The Simon says game :

It's a childish game which gave its name to the "Simon game". In this game one child issues instructions to other childs, and he's called "the Simon". For example, The instructions may be :
- Simon says: make a funny face!
- Simon says: raise your right arm in the air!
- Simon says: stamp your feet two times!
- Simon says: blink!
- Simon says: shout loudly!
- Simon says: touch your nose with your left hand!

The difficulty in the game is to listen carefully to the instructions. Indeed, Children should do what is asked if it's prefaced with the phrase "Simon says". The player is eliminated if he executes an instruction although the sentence don't start with "Simon says" and he's also eliminated when he doesn't execute an action although the sentence start with "Simon says". It's a very popular game among children, young and older children. In France, children have a similar game called "Jacques à dit" and in Quebeck, this game is called "Jean dit."

Simon game rules:

The Simon game lights up randomly one of the four keys and produces simultaneously the sound linked to this key. Then it's the turn of the player which must press the same key. At the next step, the game lights the same key and then lights a second key choosed also randomly. The player must reproduce this new light series using his memory. At each successful step, a new illuminated key is added at the end of the series. The game is over when the first error is committed by the player, that is when the player press the wrong illuminated button.

The purpose of the game is to reproduce the longest series of colors / sounds randomly generated by the game.

Why play simon memory game:

The simon game is a great exercise for training the memory. More you play to this game and more your boost and improve your memory. It's an excellent and famous memory game.

On, all the simon games online are free and unlimited games , they allow you to improve your memory, or just play as many times as you like. So come and play to Simon Game!