Simon game - Christmas presents

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You can switch to TRAINING mode using the buttons below the game. In that mode, mistakes are allowed. If you make a mistake, the game will show you the series again.
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Simon game with Christmas presents

A great free Simon game online with a pretty chalet surrounded by snow and fir trees, a magical Christmas decor and scattered christmas presents. They will light up one after the other, a simon game ideal for playing during the Christmas holidays, Come play!
Santa Claus was in a hurry, he didn't have time to stop and go through the chimney to place the gifts at the foot of the Christmas tree, so he threw them from his sleigh! While awaiting the time to open your own gifts, Santa Claus offers you a memory game with a random illumination of gift packages, it's up to you to reproduce the luminous series without making any mistakes!

How to play our online Simon?

The principle of this game is simple: you have to memorize the sequence of light up keys and reproduce it in the right order. The aim is to reproduce the longest series of colors / sounds randomly generated by the Simon, it's a never-ending game! For more details, please consult the Simon game rules.

Each of our Simon games has several setting options located below the game: Game speed, Sound options, High score... Each Simon can be used in PLAY mode or TRAINING mode. Find the full list of Simon online game features.

These Simon games are free and compatible with all browsers and all devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, IOS or Android. The game automatically adapts to the size of your screen, so you can play wherever you are!

Why play Simon-type games?

Simon is an excellent exercise for training your memory and improving your attention. With this memory game, the more you play, the more you stimulate and improve your memory.

Just like in the electronic Simon game, the light and sound series is generated randomly by a program. This means you can play as many times as you want, because the game will be different every time, impossible to get bored!

On Memozor, all the Simon online games are free and unlimited, so you can train your memory, or simply play, as many times as you like. So don't hesitate to play our free Simons!

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