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Memozor is the website of all online memory games such as "The Memory", "The Simon game" but also many other memory games... These games will train and boost your memory while having fun. All these online games are completely free and unlimited. Play these games is a great memory training.

We are pleased to announce that Memozor is now responsive, indeed the games are compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. The content and the games adjust automatically to your device, we hope you will have an enjoyable experience!

All online memory games are free and unlimited! So, choose the kind of game you want to play from the list below and have fun!

Memory games for kids, adults and seniors

There are games for adults, and games specially for kids. The memory games for children have themes appropriate to the age of the child and the pictures chosen to illustrate the games are suitable for kids. There are also special senior games, especially created to boost the memory of elderly.

In some games, there are several levels of difficulty. This allow you to progress by gradually increasing the difficulty of the game.

Memory games compatibility

Now, all online games are jquery games (using javascript). We decided to abandon the flash technology for jquery language in favor of better compatibility. Indeed, memory are compatible with all browsers and all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone IOS or android), so you can play wherever you are!

Our games are always tested before publication but if you find any bugs please contact us via the contact form.

Memory Tests

You can test your memory with our Free printable memory tests to do quietly at home.

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