Multiplication Times Tables Games - Online and Free (6)

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Last modified on March 06, 2023

No more multiplication table chores! Thanks to these Multiplication Games, you'll love learning your Times tables and, good news, all this without making any effort! Moreover, you will be autonomous and you will not need your mom or dad to help you anymore. Your parents will be delighted when they see the progress you've made in a short time.

And you, the parents, will be able to go about your business while your son or daughter practices the times tables. These interactive and online Times tables games allow a playful approach to math. Practice becomes fun and motivates your children to learn their tables. Don't be surprised if they ask for more! Find all our tools to help your children with their Multiplication Tables.


With this interactive and Online Game, learn your Times tables while having fun and Win surprise Games as reward for your work and your progress! By following the teacher's advice, you will progress even faster.


Choose a Multiplication Game

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How to use these Multiplication Games ?

1- Focus on one table at a time

In each of these online games, you have the possibility to change the table thanks to the buttons under the game. Choose the lowest table you are having trouble with. For example, if you know your tables perfectly (without hesitation) up to the 5 Times, start with the 6 Times. But if you still have some hesitation with the 5 Times table, start with this table.
Then, for a few consecutive days, only practice this table. Usually, 10 minutes/day of practice for 3 or 4 days is enough. But if you need more time, don't hesitate to take the time you need. The more you know this table the easier it will be for the next tables. As soon as you master all the multiplications in this table, you can move on to the next table.

2- "INCREASING" or "RANDOM" game mode

When you are just starting with a table, use the "INCREASING" game mode, it will be easier to get started! When you become more comfortable, you can use the "RANDOM" game mode which is ideal for practice.
The increasing mode means that you go from the lowest to the highest number. For example, for the 3 Times, you will start with 3x1, then 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, and finally you will finish with 3x9.
With the random mode, the computer randomly chooses the multiplications. This means that multiplications are displayed out of order. This is a little more difficult but more effective to train your memory.

3- Choose the number format you prefer

Bellow each game, you will find a "Number Format" setting that allows you to choose a specific font for the numbers. There are standard fonts and also school fonts. Select the one that suits you best.

4- Play again a week later

When you have learned a whole multiplication table, don't forget to do a little review a week later (5 or 10 minutes is enough!) This will ensure that you don't forget the table you learned the previously week and you will be able to remember it for a long time.

An easy learning of the Times Tables

These Multiplication Games allow an easy learning of the Times Tables from the 2 Times table up to the 12 Times table.

To memorize the tables, there is no miracle! Children have to practice. For some, writing multiplications on a sheet of paper (over and over again) has proved its effectiveness. However, as the task is daunting, they can quickly get bored of it. Here, thanks to the playful approach, the child will just have to click on the right answer or type it using the keyboard, depending on the game. That requires less effort than handwrite the result. Thus, the child gets bored less quickly and he will be able to devote more time to learning. The effectiveness of all our games is based on 6 essential teaching methods:

1- Playful approach to learning

That is an essential point! For many children, when learning becomes a chore, it demotivates them, so they balk at the task and may even become discouraged. A discouraged child is less attentive and his/her learning is necessarily less effective. The games that Memozor offers you allow a playful approach to the multiplication tables, the children's attention is better and their motivation is stronger. This play-based approach to Math gives excellent results for all children because it's still more fun to learn through play!

2- Child motivation

The child's efforts and progress are rewarded in the form of Reward Games included in the main game. These rewards are offered every time the child successfully completes a table! This motivates the child in his learning. These games are various (puzzles, matching games, coloring pages, tic-tac-toe, Simon game, fifteen puzzles, pick-up games and many others) and they suit all children, girls or boys, whatever their age. Motivated by the reward, children will practice for a longer time, that is ideal for good memorization. Reward games will also allow the child to take a break before resuming training. When a child wins a reward game, he/she can only play it for a maximum of 2 minutes. After this time, the game disappears and the child has to go back to the main game to earn a new reward. We opted for a limited time so that the time spent on "entertainment" does not exceed the time spent on learning :)

3- Visual memory stimulation

These games will use visual memory via 2 features:

  • When children make an error, their error is pointed out and the correct answer is immediately displayed. Without realizing it, and just by visualizing the right answer, the child will start to memorize it.
  • In the settings bellow each game, there is a color mode. By choosing the "COLORFUL" mode, the game will use a different color code for each table. This feature also helps with visual memory.

4- The Repetition

As repetition is essential for a lasting memorization. All our Multiplication Games use the repetition process. Thanks to the repeated display of the correct answers, the child learns his multiplication tables faster..

  • The correct answer is displayed a first time as soon as the child makes a mistake.
  • It is displayed a second time at the end of the game. Indeed, when the child has answered all the multiplications of a table, the virtual teacher will display the multiplications for which he was wrong while indicating again the right answers.
  • To win the reward, the child must make a perfect score on a table. Motivated by the game to win, he will not hesitate to try his luck again by starting over the table again to reach a perfect score. Moreover, each time he wins, there are several different reward games to be won but the child can only choose one. So, even if the child has already won a game with a perfect score, he or she will surely want to play again to try to win another one.

5- Help from a virtual Teacher

The children will benefit from the help of a virtual teacher who will give them tips and tricks to memorize their tables. She will also point out their mistakes and encourage them. The children will be autonomous in their learning and... No more multiplication tables chores for parents!

6- Display of the most common child's mistakes

Each game records the child's most frequent mistakes. They are displayed below the game (at the bottom). This feature allows parents to be aware of these mistakes. Thus they can, for example, help their child recite these multiplications.