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Play and Learn your Times Tables

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How to play this Multiplication game with cards?

Thanks to this free online and interactive game, you'll be able to efficiently learn your tables. The first card (called multiplication card) contains the 2 numbers of the multiplication and, under the game, you have the choice between several cards (called result cards) that contain multiplication results, it's up to you to find the right one! You can play on your computer as well as on your tablet or smartphone.

This game will allow you to memorize and learn quickly and easily all your multiplication tables from the 2 Times table up to the 9 Times table!

Easily learn the multiplication tables with RiverTimes Flash Cards

Principle of this online game

The multiplication card to be solved is displayed in the upper block (for example, the card: 3 x 3). To give your answer click on one of the result cards below the multiplication:

  • If you click on the right card: Well done! The answer is circled in green.
  • If you make an error: It's okay! Your answer is circled in red to show you your error, then the correct answer is displayed so that you can memorize it.

We advise you to concentrate on one table at a time. Ideally, as long as you make errors on that table, you should repeat until you get it right on the whole table. Through repetition, the results of the multiplications will be permanently anchored in your memory and... No more table chores!

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