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Thanks to these Free, printable Flash Cards to cut out, you will learn your 5-times Table while having fun. These cards illustrate the adventures of a Crocodile shaped like a 5 (the hero of the 5-times table). They are called "Flash" because they allow a Quick (or Flash) memorization of the multiplication tables.

This Easy, Fast and Fun method is especially designed for children. Its effectiveness is based on:

  • the Use of Animals shaped like numbers:
    The Crocodile shaped like a 5 will meet other animals shaped like numbers.
  • The association of a Specific Color to each number or animal:
    The dark green is assigned to the Crocodile and thus to the number 5.
  • Funny stories:
    In the 5-times table you will discover the adventures of the crocodile.

The PDF document contains everything you need to easily memorize the 5-times table:

  • The Flash Cards to print and cut out
  • The stories associated with each multiplication
  • The RiverTimes Method of memorization

Click on the button below to download for free the Flash Cards of the 5-times Table (in PDF format) and then print them.

Print the Flash Cards 5-times Table (PDF)

The Animals Flash Cards by RiverTimes

There are 2 types of cards in the PDF document of the 5-times table:

  • The Animals cards: They describe the personalities, hobbies and other characteristics of each animal.
  • The Multiplication Flashcards of the 5-times table: They are divided into 2 parts:
    * Multiplication Part (on the left): It represents the multiplication, i.e. the meeting between the crocodile and another animal.
    * Result Part: (on the right): It represents the result of the multiplication, i.e. the story resulting from this meeting between the two animals.

Making of the cards

Print the PDF above and glue each page containing cards on a cardboard support and then cut out each card following the dotted lines.

RiverTimes Method for fast memorization of your multiplication tables

You will find the complete method in the PDF of the Flash Cards (to download above), you can also consult it here RiverTimes Method for fast memorization of the times tables.

RiverTimes game to revise your times tables

Find here the Rules of the RiverTimes game using Flash Cards. This game will allow you to efficiently revise your tables while having fun. Play with family or friends!

The Funny stories to learn the 5-Times table

Before telling the stories below, don't forget to familiarize your child with the crocodile which is the animal representing the number 5. To do this, show him/her the Animal card "Crocodile".

The crocodile - number 5:
Hobbies: Soccer
Features: He can't swim.
  • 5 x 2 = 2 x 5: See the 2-times table

  • 5 x 3 = 3 x 5: See the 3-times table

  • 5 x 4 = 4 x 5: See the 4-times table

  • 5 x 5:
    Multiplication card: The crocodile in the shape of 5 decides to play soccer with his crocodile friend in the shape of 5 too.
    Result card: The first crocodile takes the soccer ball from his friend and runs the other way to score a goal, taking the shape of a 2. The first crocodile was so fast that the second crocodile didn't have time to react nor move, keeping his 5 shape.

  • 5 x 6:
    Multiplication card: The crocodile in the shape of 5 meets the snake in the shape of 6. The crocodile would like to play soccer with the snake.
    Result card: The snake, who is a joker, climbs the tree with the ball and places it on a high branch so that the crocodile can't catch it. The snake wrapped around the trunk forms a 3 and the ball on the branch represents a 0 (we can see that the crocodile does not like this joke at all).

  • 5 x 7:
    Multiplication card: The crocodile in the shape of 5 meets the toucan in the shape of 7. The crocodile would like to play soccer with the toucan.
    Result card: When the crocodile sends the ball to the toucan, the toucan tries to catch it with his wings but he falls on his back (forming a 3). The crocodile, disappointed that the toucan can't play soccer, leaves dissatisfied (keeping its 5 shape).

  • 5 x 8:
    Multiplication card: The crocodile in the shape of 5 meets the octopus in the shape of 8. The crocodile would like to play soccer with the octopus.
    Result card: The crocodile sends the ball to the octopus. The octopus catches it with his arms, but he turns upside down in the water. The crocodile is disappointed that the octopus can't play soccer, but he goes by boat (shaped like a 4) to help the octopus to get back to the right place. The octopus's arms holding the ball represent 0.

  • 5 x 9:
    Multiplication card: The crocodile in the shape of 5 meets the squirrel in the shape of 9. The crocodile lost his ball but he would still like to go play soccer with his crocodile friend that lives on the other side of the river. The crocodile asks the squirrel if he agrees to lend him his acorn to replace his soccer ball.
    Result card: The squirrel agrees and the crocodile crosses the river by boat. Once arrived on the other bank, he gets off the boat (in the shape of 4) with the acorn and then the crocodile (in the shape of 5) leaves to join his friend for a game of soccer.

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