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190 Reviews

Pictures from the belgian comics "The Adventures of Tintin" with Tintin, his dog Snowy, the Captain Haddock...

163 Reviews

More than 30 different smurfs, the famous small and blue little creatures

203 Reviews

Snoopy and many characters from the famous comic strip: Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus...

71 Reviews

In this game, smurfs are in original and funny situations, a lot of different pictures (about 80 pictures)

74 Reviews

All the Smurfs are here! Smurf joker, the grouch smurf, the smurfette, the papa smurf and many others...

137 Reviews

Play with Spiderman, the famous comic character in red and blue suit endowed with "superpowers"...

48 Reviews

Play with Lucky Lucke, his faithful white horse Jolly Jumper, the Dalton Brothers and other characters from the comic strip

52 Reviews

Characters from "Asterix and Obelix", a french comic strip: Falbala, the druid Panoramix, Idefix, and other Gallics...