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Find here many matching games for kids or adults to learn while having fun! Find here a selection of smart games for children who can read, thus allowing them to learn interesting things. According to their own desires, the youngest kids will be able to revise multiplication tables, learn the name of their favorite dinosaurs or even learn the flags of the countries in the world...

These games are responsive, indeed they are compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. The content and the games adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play the game on a tablet or a smartphone.
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227 Reviews

Many statues (with their name written on the card) such as the Nefertiti bust, the Christ of the abyss, the Capitoline wolf...

222 Reviews

Easily learn the alphabet with pretty pictures of animals, fruits or objects

354 Reviews

Pictures of tree branches and leaves for learning how to recognize the trees

339 Reviews

Faces and associated names of all the presidents of the US, easily remember the presidents!

150 Reviews

All the presidents of the USA with their name, a perfect game to review american history!

199 Reviews

Learn the name of the planets of the system solar: Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter... Find the odd one out!

145 Reviews

A memory game to learn the name of the planets of the solar system...

154 Reviews

An intelligent memory game for easy learning of dinosaurs name while having fun!

172 Reviews

An intelligent matching game to easy learn the country flags of all over the world

57 Reviews

Play online memory game for easy learning of multiplication tables while having fun!

195 Reviews

German sheperd, dalmatian, labrador retriever, rottweiler, bulldog, poodle, siberian husky...

227 Reviews

The name of the dog breed is written on the card, so you can learn while having fun!

730 Reviews

Play with 100 different vegetables: pretty pictures and the corresponding names...

265 Reviews

Many carnivorous dinosaurs (tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus, velociraptor...) or herbivorous ones (diplodocus, triceratops...)

439 Reviews

Many fruits and vegetables: eggplant, zucchini, pepper, banana, apple, pear... It's a gardener game!

362 Reviews

Pretty picture of fruits: kiwi, banana, pineapple, apple, apricot, cherry... freshness of summer fruits with this game!

368 Reviews
ALL COUNTRIES Matching game - All country Flags - Online and Free

More than 200 country flags, improve your knowledge of the flags of the world

161 Reviews

Matching game with country flags that are all blue, white and red, watch out for traps!

115 Reviews

Matching game with country flags that are all red, yellow and green, watch out for traps!