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Many nature themed matching games. You will find here pictures of plants, flowers, trees, leaves of a tree or mushrooms...

These games are responsive, indeed they are compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. The content and the games adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play the game on a tablet or a smartphone.
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Choose a Memory Matching Game

89 Reviews

Many Nature animated GIFs in this game: animals, insects, flowers, mushrooms...

236 Reviews

Pictures of tree branches and leaves for learning how to recognize the trees

408 Reviews

Come for a nice walk in the forest with this game: animals, mushrooms, trees and leaves, flowers...

136 Reviews

A flower online memory game with many pictures, more than 30 different species of flowers!

33 Reviews

Many flowers with incredible colors: daisies, rose, spurge, gentian, hyacinth...

126 Reviews

Many mushrooms, edible (penny bun, Caesar's mushroom), toxic (fly agaric) or deadly (death cap)

55 Reviews

Many pictures of boxwood but beware of traps, some cards are very similar...

56 Reviews

Many pictures of cactus, beautiful illustrations but beware of traps!

342 Reviews

Many pictures of flowers with incredible colors: daisies, rose and many others...

131 Reviews

Many edible or toxic mushrooms, make the pairs of the identical mushrooms

60 Reviews

Many pictures of potted green plants such as: yucca, bonsai, palm, cypress...

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