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Print All the times tables Chart

A pretty chart with All the times tables to print in A4 format (PDF). We have assigned a different color code for each times table, with a nice color gradient. The colors will help you memorize all your multiplication tables from the 1 to the 12 times table.

Print all the times tables for free and don't forget to take a look at the time-saving tricks for each times table. Then, practice online the times table. It will help you memorize the tables even faster.

Other colors are available for this resource, feel free to look below and choose your favorite one!

The PDF document contains 2 pages to cut and assemble. You will get a poster of about 14"x12". You can post it on the wall of your room or store it in your math binder (once folded, it has a standard size A4 of 6,4"x10,8").

Print All the times tables (PDF)

You will see that there are times tables that you don't need to learn by heart because they are very easy. As for the others, you will have to remember them and that's the whole point of color coding to make it easier for you! Here are the colors we have chosen:
Dark green for the 1 times table, green for the 2 times table, light green for the 3 times table, turquoise for the 4 times table, blue for the 5 times table, dark blue for the 6 times table, purple for the 7 times table, dark purple for the 8 times table, pink for the 9 times table, light pink for the 10 times table, orange for the 11 times table and red for the 12 times table.

In case you want to have all the times tables in a larger format than this PDF, you can print each table individually in A4 format and then cut them out. When it's done, arrange the charts from 1 to 6 side by side and then, under this first row, make a second row with the charts from 7 to 12 and finally fix them with scotch tape. You will obtain a large poster of about 26"x22".

Our other PDF with all the Times tables

We have several templates and colors available, you will undoubtedly find the one that suits you best! The multicolored times tables will bring fantasy while facilitating the memorization. The black and white charts will be perfect if you prefer sobriety or if you want to save ink and also if you prefer to color the times tables yourself using your pencils or markers. Feel free to click on the images to preview the PDF or use the "PRINT" button below the image to download the template of your choice.

All the Times tables chart Rainbow All the Times tables chart - Rainbow Print
All the Times tables chart ink saving All the Times tables chart - Ink saving Print
All the Times tables chart Black & white All the Times tables chart - Black & white Print
All the Times tables chart handwritten numbers All the Times tables chart - Handwritten numbers Print

Time-saving tricks for each times table

If you're having trouble with some of your tables, take a look at our tricks! They will make learning easier and save you a lot of time! For example, did you know that you don't need to memorize the multiplications of the 9 times table? By using your fingers, you can easily find all the results. Just with the finger trick, that's 8 multiplications less to learn!

How to learn your times tables ?

Every time you learn a new table, don't forget to practice! This will help you memorise it over the long term. To do this, we suggest two types of exercise: an interactive online exercise or exercises to print out and do at home. Choose the method you prefer!

1- Practice with this online exercise

In this exercise, you can choose between several settings, so it's up to you to select the ones that suit you best. Here are the available options:

  • Table: Choose the table you want to practice. There's no need to learn the 1 and 10 times tables because they're so easy!
  • Number color: By choosing the colorful numbers option, different color codes are used for each table. These are the same as those for the printable times tables chart at the very top of the page. The use of color helps memorization, so we highly recommend this colorful mode!
  • Number format: You can choose a specific font for the numbers. There are standard fonts, but also school fonts. Select the one that's closest to the one used at school.
  • Game mode: Random or increasing.

You'll notice that at the very bottom of the exercise, we display your most common errors. This will help you to know which multiplications are still giving you trouble, and so, which ones you need to keep practicing.

You can see your more common mistakes below the settings.

The exercise is currently loading, please wait a few seconds

UP TO 10
UP TO 12

Your most common mistakes :

You will find here the list of your most common mistakes

2- Print the worksheet

Print the worksheet PDF below and fill in the answer fields. Whenever you’re not sure of the answer to a multiplication, circle it in red. This way, you know which ones you need to keep practicing. Once you have filled in all the fields, print a Multiplication Chart or use our Online multiplication chart to check your answers and circle any mistakes in red. If you made any mistakes or had any hesitations, keep practicing.

Print the Worksheet
all times tables (PDF)

Here are our single Times tables (PDF)

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