Multiplication Flash Cards (Tables from 2 to 9) - Full PDF

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RiverTimes Multiplication Flash Cards - Tables2 to 9

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The FULL RiverTimes PDF, contains all the Multiplication Flash Cards and Stories for ALL THE TABLES from 2 to 9. Learning the Multiplication Tables will be a piece of cake! You'll be surprised by how fast your child will memorize his or her tables.

By diving into the world of RiverTimes, children will learn about these cute animals in the shape of numbers (their personalities, hobbies...) and, thanks to the stories you will tell them, they will discover the funny adventures of each animal.

This way of learning, specially designed for children, is Easy, Fast and Fun! It uses illustrated Cards called "Flash" because they allow a Fast or Flash memorization of the multiplication tables.

The RiverTimes Method to Learn the Multiplication Tables

RiverTimes method for Fast memorization of the Multiplication Tables

The RiverTimes method is included in the Full PDF, you can also view it here: The RiverTimes memorization method. You will know how to use the cards for a fast memorization of multiplication tables by the children.
The effectiveness of this Method is based on:

  • The use of animals shaped like numbers,
  • The association of a specific color to each number or animal,
  • Funny stories about the aventures of the animals.

The PDF contains everything the child need to learn All the multiplication Tables:

  • The Flash Cards to print and cut out
  • The stories associated with each multiplication
  • The RiverTimes Method of memorization

The RiverTimes Multiplication Flash Cards

Thanks to this PDF, children can learn all their Tables from 2 up to 9.

You will find 2 types of cards:

  • The Animals cards: They describe the personalities, hobbies and other features specific to each animal.
  • The Multiplication Flash cards divided into 2 parts:
    * Multiplication part (on the left): It represents the numbers of the multiplication, i.e., the meeting between 2 animals.
    * Result part (on the right): It represents the result of the multiplication, i.e., the story resulting from this meeting between the two animals.

Thanks to the illustrated cards, children will discover the adventures of all the animals and, without even realizing it, they will quickly memorize:

  • The 2 Times Table with the Swan in the shape of a 2,
  • The 3 Times Table with the Caterpillar in the shape of a 3,
  • The 4 Times Table with the Pink Flamingo in the shape of a 4,
  • The 5 Times Table with the Crocodile in the shape of a 5,
  • The 6 Times Table with the Snake in the shape of a 6,
  • The 7 Times Table with the Toucan in the shape of a 7,
  • The 8 Times Table with the Octopus in the shape of an 8,
  • The 9 Times Table with the Squirrel in the shape of a 9.

To learn in a playful way, a funny story with animals is associated with each multiplication. Before showing the child the flash cards and telling the stories, make sure that he or she is familiar with each animal from the RiverTimes World, indeed there is a coherence between the result and the numbers used in the multiplication, based on the personality and features of each animal.

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