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Get our Printable Colorful multiplication Chart 1-12 (Free PDF). It's perfect for reviewing the times tables learned with our RiverTimes Multiplications Flash Cards: A unique method to easily memorize the Times tables while having fun! You can use this chart as a reminder or to learn your times tables up to the 12 times table.

Thanks to its colored squares, this 12x12 chart will help you memorize your tables by using your visual memory.

If you want to use your own color codes, print a classic multiplication chart (without color) and then color it with your favorite felt pens. Choose one from our Times tables Charts. See also our tricks to learn your times tables.

Click on the button below to print for free the Colorful multiplication Chart from 1 to 12 in PDF format.

Print the Colorful
Chart 1-12 (PDF)

How to read the RiverTimes multiplication Chart?

To find the result of a multiplication, simply look for the intersection between the horizontal line corresponding to the first multiplication number and the vertical line corresponding to the 2nd number. You can dragg your finger along the line to the intersection if that helps.

Example: What is the result of 3 x 4 multiplication?

  • 1- Locate the horizontal line corresponding to the first number (number 3 in this example)
  • 2- Locate the vertical line corresponding to the second number (number 4 in this example)
  • 3- The result of the multiplication is in the square located at the intersection of the 2 lines (12 in this example)

You will notice that if you do the same thing for the multiplication 4 x 3 you will find the same result at the intersection, indeed 3 x 4 = 4 x 3. This is what we call the commutative property of multiplications!

Our tricks for learning your multiplication Tables from 1 up to 12

No need to learn the whole multiplication Chart

There are many duplicates in a chart. Indeed, in a multiplication operation, you can invert the numbers while obtaining the same result.
For example: 7 x 6 = 6 x 7 = 42
So if you know the result of 6 x 7, you also know the result of 7 x 6!

There is therefore no need to learn duplicates. It is also not necessary to learn by heart the 1 Time and 10 Times tables because they are very easy! Once all duplicates have been removed (as well as the 1 Time and 10 Times tables) there are only 55 multiplications left to learn (instead of 144)!

Practice by fill in a Blank Multiplication Chart

Fill in a blank multiplication chart is a perfect way to learn and memorize your tables for a long time. Print our Rivertimes Blank multiplication Chart 12x12.

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