Printable Country Flags with blue, white and red

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Print the blue, white and red Country Flags

Here is the list of countries in the world with a blue, white and red flag. The PDF document to download below contains the 35 countries flags (with their names) using these colors. These are UN member countries except for the Cook Islands and Taiwan.
You can also see below the list of blue white and red flags classified by alphabetical order and according to their membership or not to the UN (United Nations).

Print the blue white and red Flags (PDF)

List of blue, white and red Flags

Flags of the UN member countries :

Flags of non-member countries but recognized by the UN :

Flags of countries not recognized by the UN :

Create a Game with blue, white and red Flags

Thanks to the downloadable PDF above, you can print and cut out the flags to make cards that you can use as a Matching game to play with family or friends. Thanks to this game you will quickly know all the countries with a red, yellow and green flag! You can see the rules of the Matching game. You will also love our Online Matching game with blue, white and red Flags.

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