Printable Country Flags of the world with the names

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Print the Country Flags with the names

Here is the complete list of flags (with names) of all countries in the world. The PDF document to download below contains more than 200 country flags listed in alphabetical order. There are the 193 UN member countries, but also the 4 non-member countries recognised by the UN (Cook Islands, Niue, Vatican and Palestine,) and other non-recognized countries (Kosovo, Taiwan, Western Sahara, Northern Cyprus, Donetsk, Abkhazia...).
You can also view below the list of country names and flags classified according to their membership or not in the UN (United Nations).

Print all the country flags (PDF)

Make a Matching game with Flags and Country Names

To make the game, print out the PDF above in duplicate in order to get pairs of identical cards and then cut out the flags. Before cutting out the printed page, you can glue it on a cardboard sheet, in this way, the cards will be more rigid and thus stronger. It also allows to avoid transparency, thus it will be impossible to guess which flag is on the hidden side. This is an effective way to learn flags and country names while having fun!


Try our great Online Matching Game with All Country Flags. You can play alone or against the computer and choose the level of difficulty.


List of all Countries Flags in the World

Flags of the UN member countries (193 countries) :

Flags of non-member countries but recognized by the UN (4 countries) :

Flags of countries not recognized by the UN (non exhaustive list) :

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