Free printable memory games for kids

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Find here the best free printable memory games for kids!!! Simply print out a memory game below. Then glue the printing game on a rigid cardboard support and then proceed to the cutting of each card. You will find here a wide range of free memory games to print specially selected for children. Choose your favourite and simply print it in two copies!

Choose your free printable memory game for kids:

Choose one printable memory for kids of the following. Then go the memory game page and click on "print" for print the memory cards. Print in two copies, of course, in order to have pairs of cards. Once cards games have been printed out, you only have to cut cards. Before cutting the printed page, you can optionally glue it on a cardboard support so that the cards are more rigid and therefore stronger. Then, start playing and enjoy! All cards game are free.

The rule of the memory game:

At first, the cards are mixed and their face are against the table so images are not visible. The players have to find pairs of cards and the game is over when all pairs were found. The player with the higher number of cards is the winner of the game.

Why play free printable memory game for kids:

The printable memory games you will find here are totally free, you can print them and train your memory at home or simply play! These games are suitable for kids.