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Find here cards for make a dinosaurs printable matching game for kids. You will find on the cards many dinosaurs and their associated names such as tyrannosaurus, diplodocus, stegosaurus, triceratops, velociraptor... Simply print and cut them to have an original matching game homemade to play with family or friends!

How to print the matching game for kids:

All the printable memory cards are included in the pdf file to download. So, click on the button "PRINT" below to download and then print the memory cards

How to make the dinosaurs cards:

Print two copies of the Memory or Matching game in pdf format in order to obtain pairs of similar cards. Once cards games have been printed out, you only have to cut them following the outline. Before cutting the printed page, you can optionally glue it on a cardboard support. In this way, the cards will be more rigid and thus they will be stronger. It also helps to avoid transparency, indeed it will not be possible to see through the card and to guess what is the picture on the hidden side. And then, start playing and enjoy! All printable Matching games on are free.

Find on these cards the dinosaurs and their names, there are those that you surely know such as the:

  • Tyrannosaurus: The Tyrannosaurus Rex, a predator and formidable hunter whose bite was more powerful than that of any dinosaur or any other animal that lived on earth after him.
  • Triceratops: It is one of the most famous horned dinosaurs. This herbivore was equipped with 3 horns which were used to defend itself from predators and were also used in confrontations between males for the conquest of a female or a herd.
  • Diplodocus: A dinosaur with a long neck and a small head, he must have been feeding on ferns.
  • Ptéranodon: It belongs to the family of pterosaurs, the dinosaurs with large wings capable of flying. The wingspan of the Pteranodon was 8 meters!

But you will also discover less known dinosaurs such as:

  • Spinosaurus: The Spinosaurus (or spiny lizard) was a fish hunter. Its long mouth with crocodile jaws lined with sharp teeth was ideal for catching slippery prey such as fish.
  • Liopleurodon: A monstrous marine predator (bigger than a killer whale) that terrorized the prehistoric seas for nearly 10 million years.
  • Argentinosaurus: The argentinosaurus (or Argentine lizard), weighing nearly 80 tons (the weight of 14 male elephants) is one of the largest known dinosaurs.
  • Muttaburrasaurus: This dinosaur had a large protrusion on its snout that may have been used to emit powerful siren calls.
  • Ophtalmosaurus: A dolphin-like marine dinosaur with the largest eyes in the history of the animal world. Indeed, the diameter of their eyes could exceed 25cm!
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