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Why is it the Best Times Tables Game?

Thanks to this game, children will quickly and easily learn all their Times tables from the 2 Times table up to the 12 Times table. Children's efforts and progress are rewarded in the form of "Reward Games" which are offered to them each time they succeed in a table! This motivates them in their learning, they will willingly devote more time, so, revisions will be more effective, and memorization of the Times tables will be faster! This playful approach to multiplication tables gives excellent results for all children because it's easier to learn while having fun!

Children will be helped by a virtual teacher who will give them tips and tricks to memorize their Tables. She will also point out the child's errors and she will encourage him/her. So children will be able to practice independently, so... No more multiplication table chores!

Like all the games on Memozor, this Online multiplication game as well as the built-in games, are Free and Unlimited.
This game is easy to use, but if your child is having trouble, please check out our section Features of this Times Tables Game.

How to learn all your Times tables with this Game?

Some tips to help you learn tables

Concentrate on only one Times table at a time (you can switch tables using the buttons below the game). Start with the smallest table you don’t know perfectly by selecting the "INCREASING" game mode. When you are more comfortable, you can switch to the "RANDOM" mode. 10 minutes practice per day for 3 or 4 days is sufficient, but don't hesitate to take the time you need!

When you have learned a whole table, don't forget to do a little review a week later, 5 or 10 minutes is enough! This will help you not forget the table you learned the previous week and moreover you will remember it for a long time.

Features of this Times tables Game

  • This Game is compatible with your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Choose the table you want to learn with the buttons below the game. This game allows you to learn your multiplication tables from the 2 Times table up to the 12 Times table. As you may have noticed, you don't need to learn the 1 Time and the 10 Times tables because these ones are very easy.
  • Enter the result of the multiplication in the white answer field and validate your answer:
    Computer: To validate, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
    Smartphones and Tablets: To validate, you can either press the "Done" key or "GO" key on the keyboard or touch any area of your screen.
  • If your answer is circled in red: You made an error, the correct answer (circled in green) is immediately displayed.
  • If your answer is circled in green: Well done! It is the right answer.
  • If the sound disturbs you (or those around you) you can mute it with the button at the top right of the game.
  • If you don't want to see the tricks that the teacher gives you at the beginning of each table, you can hide them thanks to the button "OFF" below the game.
  • As soon as you give all the right answers for one of the tables, you're done! You can play one of the 3 games offered; You have earned it!

An effective way to memorize for children

This game is based on learning methods that facilitate memorization.

A playful approach to motivate the child

This playful approach to the multiplication tables makes learning more attractive to children. For that, this free game offers them:

  • Rewarding games to win. They are various games (puzzles, matching games, tic-tac-toe, Simon games, fifteen puzzles, pick-up games and many others) that suit all children, girls or boys, whatever their age. Motivated by the reward, children will practice for a longer time, that is ideal for good memorization. Reward games will also allow the child to take a break before resuming training. When the child is done with one table, you'll see that he/she will be eager to move on to the next one to discover the other surprise games hidden within.
  • A specific theme for each multiplication table. The different themes are chosen to appeal to all children, both boys and girls: Christmas, Candy, Tropics, Beach, Water World, Forest, etc. The reward games of the same table are always related to the theme of the table.

Stimulation of visual memory

When children make an error, their error is pointed out and the correct answer is immediately displayed allowing them to visualize the correct result of the multiplication. Without realizing it, and just by visualizing the result, children begin to memorize it.
By choosing the "COLORFUL" mode, the game will use a different color code for each table. This trick will increase the impact of visual memory.

The Game uses Repetition for better memorization

Not only is the correct answer is displayed when the child is wrong, but it is also displayed a second time at the end of the game. Indeed, when the child has answered all the multiplications of a table, the virtual teacher will summarize his/her errors and display all the multiplications on which he/she was wrong with the correct results. Thanks to the repeated display of the correct answers, the children learn their multiplication tables faster.

To win the reward, the child must make no errors. Motivated by the game to win, they will not hesitate to try their luck again by starting over the table again and again. Moreover, with each victory, there are 3 different reward games to win, but the child can only choose one of the 3. Thus, even if the child has already won a game, he will want to play again to try to win another one. This repetition is essential for good memorization.

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