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Memory game tropical animals:

A great Memory game with a lot of tropical animals pictures (about 50 different pictures). You will see toucan, macaw, sloth, jaguar, quetzal, tapir and many others!

Tropical animals:

You will find in this game a lot of animal pictures from the tropics. There are tropical birds (Macaw, toucans, quetzal), mammals(jaguar, tapir, Anteater, Coati, White-headed capuchin, sloth), reptiles (Iguana, Caiman, plumes basilisk, palm pit vipers). Do you the plumed basilisk (or Jesus Christ lizard), this strange animal who is able to run short distances across water using both its feet and tail for support? . Sloth is arboreal mammal noted for slowness of movement; Their slowness is an evolutionary adaptation to their low-energy diet of leaves. Three-toed sloths, have a limited diet of leaves from only a few trees, and it digests very very slowly; they go to the ground to urinate and defecate about only once a week.

How to play Online Memory games ?

In these online games, the cards are laid in rows on the board. You have to find all the pairs by turning cards 2 by 2. These memory games are single player mode, so, as there is only one player, the objective of the game is to find all the pairs with the fewest strokes and as quickly as possible. A stopwatch will show you how much time you have spent to find all the pairs and also the game will show you the number of strokes you have needed.
If you wish, you can change the number of cards on the board, and so the level of difficulty of the game, thanks to the buttons located below the game.

When you turn over 2 cards, there are 2 possibilities:

  • If the two cards match, it's a pair! The pair automatically disappears from the board and you can then turn over 2 new cards.
  • Otherwise, if the cards don't match, they are automatically turned face down and you can then turn over 2 new cards.

You can find the Quick memory game rules here, or you can also Download the Printable game rules in PDF format.

You can replay the same game as many times as you want! Indeed, every time a new game starts, a random selection of the cards ensures that you will have a different game, so you can replay endlessly!

Free Memory games on Memozor :

All the memory games are Free. They are Compatible with all devices: Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones, and they are also Compatible with all Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox...). The content and the games adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play on your tablet or your smartphone.

If you want play with more cards, try our Giant or Big memory games

But you can also play to our Online 2 players memory games. For those there are 2 distinct game modes:

  • You can play with a friend sitting next to you
  • Or you can play against the computer

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