Memory game - Grids of numbers to print

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Print the free memory game

A printable memory game with grids of numbers to memorize. You can enter your answer by filling one of the blank grids included in the document.
Click on the button below to download the game in Pdf format and then print it.

You will find the detailed purpose of this game in the document or at the bottom of this page.

Print the game
(PDF format)

Purpose of this memory game - The grid of numbers

  • 1- Print the game in Pdf format thanks to the button above "PRINT THE GAME"
  • 2- Choose one of the grids of numbers proposed in the document
  • 3- Memorize the grid for 30 seconds (or more if necessary)
  • 4- Hide the grid
  • 5- Give your answer by filling a blank grid therefor (that you will find on page 2 of the document)
  • 6- When you're finished, check your answer

Tip: You can memorize the grid as 3 3-digit numbers (horizontal for example), it will be easier for you to remember the grid.

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