Worksheet to revise the 4 times Table - Free and printable

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With this worksheet, your child can effectively revise the 4 times Table. Revisions are an essential step for long-term memorization of multiplication tables. So, once your child has learned his/her 4 times table, don't forget to make him/her revise this table for the weeks following the learning of it.

If your child encounter difficulties in learning the times tables, try our games to learn the multiplication tables, an easy, fast and fun method!

On Memozor we offer you 2 ways to revise the multiplication tables:

  • Worksheets for each table: Download the worksheet using the button below and print it. Your child will just have to fill in the answer box with the result of each multiplication. And, thanks to this training, he/she will memorize his/her tables in a durable way, and thus, no more hesitation!
  • A game to revise the times tables while having fun. You can consult the rules of this game here: Rules of the game to revise the times tables.

Click on the button below to download the worksheet for revisions of the 4 times table in Pdf format, then print it.

Worksheet to revise
the 4 times table
(PDF format)

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