Pokemon cards to print

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Pokemon cards to print

Here You will find cards for memory to print for make an pokemon memory game.
The cards represent different pokemons like lickitung, haunter, raticate and many others.......an original memory game to play at home!

Making the cards

After printing the cards, stick them on cardboard support sufficiently rigid. Then proceed with the cutting of Memory Cards.

Print the cards

Click on the link below to print the Memory cards

print the pokemon cards

The Pokemon

Initially, the Pokemon are a series of video games invented by the Japanese Satochi Tajiri. As a child, Tajiri was collected different species of insect, a passion wich has inspired the emergence of pokemon creatures. In view of the success of the different Pokemon characters, the idea is quickly coming to create cartoons ,and a card game too.

The name Pokemon is a contraction of "Pocket Monsters" is the original name of the first game.
Several generations of Pokemon have been completed since the creation. Actually, we are in the fifth generation and we can count about 500 creatures. Children like exchange pokemon cards in schoolyards.

The poke ball is a two-tone ball with a silver button. The ball is used for transport pokemon, when the button is pushed, it will grow to full size. To use a Poke Ball to catch a wild Pokemon, a Pokemon trainer will simply throw an unoccupied Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon. The wild Pokemon will then be absorbed into the ball, and will attempt to break free unless it likes the trainer.