Pokemon cards 5th generation to print

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Pokemon cards to print

Here You will find cards for memory to print for make an pokemon memory game.
The cards represent different pokemons of the 5th generation like zorua, zoroak and many others.......an original memory game to play at home!

Making the cards

After printing the cards, stick them on cardboard support sufficiently rigid. Then proceed with the cutting of Memory Cards.

Print the cards

Click on the link below to print the Memory cards

print the pokemon cards 5th generation

The Pokemon 5th generation

The famous Pokemon or "pocket monsters" are currently in the 5th generation and we can count about 500 characters.

At the moment, The fifth is the latest generation and it was released in February 2010.

One of the striking characters of this generation is Zorua a "demon fox", a small pokemon (less than 70 centimetres high) rather nice. While Zoroark a "monstrous fox" is less sympathetic and taller than the previous one (more than 150 centimetres high). Zoroark is also called the "Master of Illusion Z" and he represents the evolution of Zorua.