Memory game Pokemon to print

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Memory cards to print

Here You will find cards for memory to print for make a pokemon memory game.
The cards represent different pokemons like Pikachu, Charmander, original memory game to play at home!

Making the cards

After printing the cards, stick them on cardboard support sufficiently rigid. Then proceed with the cutting of Memory Cards.

Print the cards

Click on the link below to print the Memory cards

print memory cards pokemon

The pokemon

The Pokemon or Pocket Monsters were invented by Japanese Satochi Tajiri for gameboy. In view of the evident success of the different Pokemon characters, a cartoon and a card game have been created. Children can exchange pokemon cards in schoolyards.

These creatures have magical powers like electricity, poison, fire, or other .... The Pokemon live on earth with humans who use them for fighting or who travel the world to collect them.

The Poke Ball is a spherical device used by Pokemon Trainers to catch and store Pokemon between fighting. The use of a poke ball to carry a pokemon is essential, there is no other way to transport them.