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Purpose of the Game :

In this game, you will observe an interesting phenomenon called the Stroop Effect, to know more about the Stroop effect see the section located below the game.

The purpose is to name the color which has been used to write the word regardless of the word itself.
You will see that is not an easy task when the color of the word does not coincide with the word, it is called the Stroop effect.

At each step, we will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed.

How to play the Stroop effect game?

A game with colored words that allows you to observe the Stroop effect. You will see that it is not easy to go quickly without making mistakes!

At the very beginning of the game, you have the choice between 2 types of game:

  • Quick game: there is only the part with colored words, ideal if you just want to see the Stroop effect.
  • Full game divided into 3 parts: it allows you to compare your results between the parts without Stroop effect and the part with colored words.

You will also have the choice between 2 modes of game:

  • Keyboard mode: you type your answer on the keyboard in the response field as you go along.
  • Paper mode: you write your answer on a sheet of paper, and in a second step, you will copy out your answer into the provided field.

See also our Printable Stroop game in pdf format, so you can play quietly at home.

Purpose of the Quick game:

A list of colored words is displayed, the words are color names ("GREEN", "BLUE" or "RED") and these words are themselves colored in green, blue or red.
The purpose is to name the color used to write the word regardless of the word itself.
You will see that is not an easy task when the colour of the word does not coincide with the word, this is called the Stroop effect.

As soon as the game starts, the timer starts, you have to go through the list from left to right and from the top down and write as you go along the initial of the color of each word in the answer field.
The purpose is to answer as quickly as possible and as soon you have finished, click on the button to stop the timer and see your results. The game will show you the number of correct answers as well as the time you spent.

Purpose of the Full game:

This game is divided into 3 parts:

  • First part with black words: you simply have to give the initial of the word
  • Second part with colored rectangles: you have to give the initial of the color of the rectangle
  • Third part with colored words: The same as the Quick game

At the end of the game, your results are displayed. Compare your results and observe the time difference between the 2 first parts of the game and the last one. Generally, players spend more time answering in part 3 and make mistakes more often, that's the Stroop effect!

What is the Stroop effect?

In psychology, the Stroop effect indicates the interference observed between a main task and an interfering cognitive process.

For example, the interference is what happens when you have to name a color (main task) used for write a word, and when the word itself is the name of another color; this interference is caused by a mental process of automatic reading.

This interference is manifested by a longer reaction time when asked for name the color in which is written a word while the color which it indicates is different (for example, the green word written in red) compared with a situation where the word and the color correspond (the yellow word written in yellow).

The reading (which consists above all in word recognition) would be made in the occipito-parietal area of the brain, whereas naming the color calls on the frontal lobe.

The name of this effect comes from the name of the one who discovered it, the psychologist John Ridley Stroop.

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