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Abacus memory game - black and white:

A great online game to train your memory. In this memory game, you have to reposition the balls on the abacus by sorting them in the correct order. Only 2 ball colors in the abacus game "black and white". Come and play!

How to play abacus memory game:

In this memory game, a series of colored balls is displayed on a abacus for a limited time during which the player try to memorize the location of each ball. When the chronometer stops, the series automatically disappears and the player have to reposition the balls on the abacus by sorting them in the correct order by drag and drop. When the player feels he had correctly repositioned all the balls, he can then click on the "CHECK" button to see his result.

Every time the player wins, the level is automatically increased and the game becomes more difficult because the number of balls increase. The purpose of the game is to finish all the levels.

This game is compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. The content and the game adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play on a tablet or a smartphone.

Why play to this memory game:

It's a great game to train and boost your memory in a playful way. Regular players, will train their brain and thus improve their memory.

Moreover, Every time you start a new game, a random positioning of the balls on the abacus ensures a different game, so you can replay endlessly!

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