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Print for free our Multiplication Chart 20x20

Here is the Printable Colorful Multiplication Chart (PDF) from the 1 time table up to the 20 times table, it's a Free resource. Thanks to its nice colors, memorization is easier. Here, a different color code is assigned to each table. You can use it as a reminder or to learn your times tables up to 20x20 multiplication.

The pretty colors in our Colorful multiplication Chart from 1 to 12 will surely please you too.

A Complete multiplication Chart, like this one, is a great way to learn the tables. When you think you know them, we advise you to practice with a Blank multiplication Chart to fill in, it is an effective way to finally know by heart your multiplication tables.

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How to read this Chart ?

To find the result of a multiplication, simply look for the intersection between the horizontal line corresponding to the first multiplication number and the vertical line corresponding to the 2nd number. You can dragg your finger along the line to the intersection if that helps.
Find our illustrated & detailed explanation here: How to read a Multiplication table Chart ?

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