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Memory game The minions characters:

A great Memory game with characters from The minions.

Characters from The minions:

You will find in this game a lot of characters from the minionslike Gru, a supervillain and jelly manufacturer, his three adopted daughters: Edith (dark bluish-grey eyes, light blonde shaggy cut hair and freckles) , Agnes (with long black hair, and a fluffy unicorn) and Margo (brown eyes, black glasses, brown hair tied in a ponytail), and...of course... the 3 little yellow creatures: Bob, Kevin and Stuart. There is also Dr Nefario, an elderly scientist whith his trange glasses who works for Felonious Gru, or Marge and Walter Nelson, a criminal couple who help minions go to Orlando in "The Minions" movie. You will discover in this game other characters from the minions more or less known.

How to play memory Minions:

In this memory game, the cards are arranged in columns and rows. You have to reconstruct the pairs of cards by turning them 2 by 2. If the cards turned face up are the same (a pair) you win and the pair disappears from the game otherwise the cards are automatically turned face down and you need to make a new try. Find all the pairs in the least moves and in a shortest time. You will find the full memory game rules here.
Every time you start a new game, a random selection of the cards ensures a different game, so you can replay endlessly.

Why play memory game Minions:

Great exercise to train memory. This game will reinforce and boost your visual memory storage capacity in a playful way.

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