Free printable Matching games for adults (8)

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Last modified on May 18, 2022

We offer you a Large range of Free Printable matching games for adults. Discover our Cards to Cut out with Animals, Objects, Simple shapes, Christmas pictures, as well as Learning games such as the presidents of the US... Choose the printable game you prefer from the list below and then:

  • Print the pages in Duplicate in order to obtain pairs of identical cards.
  • Glue them on a cardboard sheet, in this way, the cards will be more rigid and thus stronger. It it also allows to avoid transparency, thus it will be impossible to guess which image is on the hidden side.
  • And, finally, Cut out the cards following the outline, your "Homemade" Matching game is ready, start playing and enjoy! You can play at home with family or friends.

Choose a Printable Matching Game

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Printable matching game - symbols

Cards with colored symbols for an homemade memory game for adults

22 Reviews
Printable matching game - everyday objects

Cards with everyday objects such as glass, watch, hat, key, mug... for an homemade memory game

46 Reviews
All US Presidents in Order with their Pictures and Names

Print the 46 presidents in chronological order and cut out the cards

14 Reviews
Printable matching game - black and white

Black and white cards for an homemade memory game for adults

18 Reviews
Printable matching game - birds

Cards with many different birds

26 Reviews
Printable Matching game - Road signs

Cards with many road signs: symbols, animals, characters or numbers... revise the highway code!

31 Reviews
Printable matching game - christmas

Christmas cards for an homemade memory game for adults

18 Reviews
Printable matching game - difficult

Very similar cards for an homemade and difficult memory game for adults