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Face memory

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face memory

Because of the complexity of the genetics, there is billions of possible faces. Except in the case of the identical twins, the possibility of meeting in the world 2 human beings having the same faces is almost invalid. When we look at the face of a person we do not pay the same attention on all the characteristics of this one:

What we remember easily :
- Sex: man or woman
- The age (old man or young person)
- The shape of the face (round or oval),
- Hair (long, short, curly, dyed)
- Eyes, nose

We remember less :
- The mouth,
- Cheeks,
- Or the forehead

To summarize, The face memory concerns especially the top of the face, indeed this one is the most observed, with a particular attention on eyes.

Remember a face

Describe verbally a face which we have in our memories (celebrity, member of the family) is often a difficult test because it implies an effort of important memory It let us think that the various characteristics of a face are not stored in our memory under shapes of words but under a much more complex shape and thus to try to translate verbally this information is a particularly difficult test.

Identikit picture or exploitation of the faces memory

A typical case of the exploitation of the faces memory is the identikit picture:

Identikit pictures are used for criminal investigations to realize a portrait getting closer as much as possible to that of the criminal looked for from the memories of a witness having perceived the aforementioned criminal. The memories of the face are more or less precise as the case may be. The identikit picture will then be broadcasted to contribute to the arrest of the suspect.

The identikit picture, is a descendant of the game of "photos-robot" invented in 1952 by Roger Dambron.

bling the various parts (eyes, noses, hair.). One year later this invention was used with success to find a criminal so showing its efficiency and its utility in criminal investigations. A few years later, it is the FBI which uses it, then In 1968, the FBI use this method of reconstruction of faces.

Today, it is by means of software performing that we proceed in the establishment of an identikit picture.

The identikit picture is going to be thus used to translate in a visual way the memory of a face buried in the brain of an individual.

The person who realizes identikit pictures is called portrait painter robot, it is him(her) who assembles the puzzle of the face according to the descriptions of witnesses to obtain the face of the suspect.

Bad faces memory: increase it by playing!

We are not all equals in term of memory of faces, some recognize at first sight somebody whom they saw only once 10 years ago, and for the others it is quite other story with often awkward situations connected to the fact of being recognized by somebody without recognizing him (her).
The memory of faces, quite as the memory generally, can be trained. You will find here several games, such as:
- Game of face memory (in color)
- Game of faces memory (in black and white)