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How to improve memory

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The memory is not something fixed, with practice, we can improve it. For it we must request it as much as possible, by some simple exercises or by adapted games.

Exercises for improve memory

- The shopping list : write the shopping list on a paper when you are still at home. Then, go shopping without using the list. And it is only before paying that you must check that you forgot nothing , using this list.

- The telephone numbers: learn one of the telephone numbers of the persons who you call mostly and, instead of using the number in memory, making the effort to type from memory this number every time you call the person. When this number is properly memorized, do the same with the second phone number.

- The meal of the day before: try to remember what you had eaten the day before if you can then try to remember what you had eaten three days before and so on trying to remember the most distant day.

Games for improve memory

- memory games
- Crosswords
- scrabble
- card games: tarot, bridge
- sudoku

Other advice for better memory

- Have a well-balanced and varied food: pay particular attention to have iron, Vitamins of the group B
- Avoid the alcohol and the tobacco
- Pay attention on certain medicines such as hypnotic (sleeping drugs)
- Favor the sleep: the sleep is indispensable to the process of memorization; indeed, it is during the night when the brain organizes the received information during the day. Thus try to have good nights by sleeping rather before midnight and by sleeping enough time according to your needs.
- Fight against the stress