The clock drawing test

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clock drawing test

The clock drawing test is a test of simple realization and usually used in the clinical practice. It investigates several cognitive functions: praxies, temporo-spatial orientation, attention, visuo-constructive disorders.

Principle of the test

empty clock face

This test consists in making draw to the person a clock face; it is realisable in approximately 2 minutes.

We present to the person a sheet where is drawn a circle and she has to represent the clock face by placing figures representing the hours, without model, then the girl and the minute hand to indicate given one hour (5:15 am for example).

Calculation of the result

clock face

the number of points will vary depending on the presence of various elements of drawing

Interpretation of the Results

The normal score is 7/7. If one or several points raise problem, it can involve light cognitive disorders or a dementia. The test presents a good sensibility of detection of the insanities but is not specific of the Alzheimer's disease.

Different results of clock drawing test