Why do the screening test for Alzheimer's disease?

Sometimes, after repeated memory loss or more frequent than before, then we can worry about a possible Alzheimer's disease. The decline in memory with age is common but it doesn't mean necessarily that it's the early stages of Alzheimer's disease!

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one, you can use the online test below. It is fast and can give an indication of a possible risk of Alzheimer's disease. In no case, you will be diagnosed with the disease.
Only a medical specialist in memory impairment will be able to make a diagnosis. This type of specialist is called a neuropsychologist. He has available a series of tests which are the only one to diagnose senile dementia of the Alzheimer type or another type.

The first stages of Alzheimer's disease or concentration problems?

Warning! some trouble concentrating (seen in depressive syndromes, for example) can sometimes be confused with memory disorders. Indeed the elderly, because of its depression, may have trouble focusing on conversations and not remember them because of lack of attention as his memory is fully functional.

The screening test of the disease below will just allow to make the difference between impaired memory and impaired concentration.

Do the free and quick test for Alzheimer online

Here's the quick test Alzheimer, it's a free test with a series of 20 questions to screen for possible early Alzheimer's and can be done quietly installed at home.

The online test is not limited in time, be sure to answer each question by choosing the answer that seems most appropriate for you.

When you have answered all the questions, click OK to know the result. But whatever the result on this test Alzheimer's, do not hesitate to seek medical advice if in doubt or worry.

WARNING!!! This Alzheimer test online only gives you an indication of your memory problems but it isn't a diagnosis!!! Only a medical specialist can diagnose Alzheimer's disease with a medical examination and appropriate tests.