Rey complex figure Test

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The Rey test or the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (ROCF)has for objective to investigate the capacities of perceptive analysis and visual memory.

The figure used for the test, called complex figure of Rey, represents nothing. It causes at the subject a reaction to a new situation. It creates an effect of surprise and confrontation in the abstraction.

The complexity and the abstract character of the figure incite the subject to develop conducts of elaboration of mental representations to reproduce it.

The figure of Rey is a structure which mobilizes the capacities of structuring of the subject and allows to see how he approaches the organized situation.

The test offers numerous applications. It reflects the intellectual and perceptivo-driving level of the subject, and can also allow to reveal the congenital or acquired disorders of the spatial structuring.

The conduct of the Rey test

This test is divided into two parts :

1- Graphic copy of the figure with the model

Duration of the test: 5 - 25 min according to the patients

2- reproduction from memory of the same figure

Quotation of the test

1- Number of details correctly reproduced by the subject :

... Some points will be awarded according to the items on the drawing of the person.

2- The type of reproduction:

The observation of the way the subject reproduces the figure ends in seven hierarchical basis types.

Interpretation of the test

The copy and the memory of the Rey figure are two complementary tests, which do not measure the same processes..

The copy allows to observe the way of structuring of the subject and the implementation of the executive functions which require a driving inhibition and a planning. In copy, the subject has to coordinate perception and representation, which are going to guide the graphic realization. The type of graphic elaboration contributes to the fixation of the track mnesique.

Of the quality of copy is going to depend the integration in memory.

In the second part of the test, the reproduction from memory tests the working memory. The memory is a representation of the absent object. It translates a function of perception which requires a mental representation. The reconstruction from memory is an indicator of the mental image.