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Memory game countries flags :

A great memory game online for adults with many countries flags. ... a free game, so come and play, you will improve your knowledge of flags!

Meaning and origin of some flags:
The design of the Finnish flag represents the Scandinavian cross, symbolizes the color blue lakes and sky, while white symbolizes the snow. Other Nordic countries have a Scandinavian cross in its flag: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. The three colors of the tricolor of Romania represent the three historic regions of the country: Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova. Regarding the Chilean Flag: Red represents the blood of patriots who fought for the country's independence and the white symbolizes the snow of the Andes.

How to play countries flags memory:

In this memory game for adults, the cards are arranged in 5 columns and 4 rows for a total of 20 cards or 10 pairs. It's a level 2 game. You have to Reconstruct the pairs of cards by turning them 2 by 2. If the cards turned face up are the same (a pair) you win and the pair disappears from the game otherwise the cards are automatically turned face down and you need to make a new try. Find all the pairs in the least moves and in a shortest time. You will find the full memory game rules here.
Every time you start a new game, a random selection of the cards ensures a different game, so you can replay endlessly.
If this game seems too difficult, try easy memory games with only 16 cards.

Why play countries flags memory:

Great exercise to train adults memory. It's also a good practice to help you memorize the locations of different cards and you will be quickly surprised by your progress. This game will reinforce and boost your visual memory storage capacity in a playful way.

All online memory games for adults on the website are free and unlimited, so you can play as many times as you like!