learning games for multiplication tables

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Learning games for multiplication tables

With these different games devoted to each multiplication table, children can easily learn their tables while having fun! In each game, the positioning of the cards is random, which allows you to replay endlessly and until the multiplication table is assimilated by the child. The games can be used for learning or revisions, for all children of primary school age and more.... or even for adults who wish to refresh their memory! In each of these games the rule is the same: you have to find the 10 pairs of cards by turning them face up 2 by 2, for that it is essential to memorize the position of each card in order to finish the game in minimum moves. Over the game parties, progressively, the brain lerans the multiplications written on the cards without realizing it. So for kids, know their multiplication tables becomes very easy.

You can revise:

  • 2 times table
  • 3 times table
  • 4 times table
  • 5 times table
  • 6 times table
  • 7 times table
  • 8 times table
  • 9 times table

1 time table and 10 times table, generally is not a problem for children, so no games are devoted to.

Small Tip: For optimal learning, ask your kid to read aloud for the multiplication and its result, each time he returns a card face up.

All these multiplication games online are free and unlimited, so play the game for as many times as you want.