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Memory Game online: Games of grids of black squares to memorize

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Description of the grid game of black squares to memorize

jeu en ligne de mémorisation de cases noires dans une grille

This is a game with a number of black squares increasing according to the level of the game.

The Rule of the Game of the black squares:

At the start of the game, the grid is displayed for a limited time during which the player must memorize the location of the various black squares in the grid. At the end of the chronometer, the grid is then emptied and the player must correctly place the black squares in the grid. The purpose of the game is to correctly place a maximum of black squares in a shortest time possible.

Interest of the game

This game of black squares is a great game to train the visual memory. More you play and more you will exercise and improve your memory. An excellent game of memory training

Games online:

Here, several free games of black squares are available:
- The black squares grids for adults, which are divided into several levels of difficulty and will allow you to gradually improve your memory by crossing different levels depending on your pace.
- The black squares grids for children with different levels of difficulty varies according to the age of the kids.

All these games of memory training with black squares in a grid on this site are completely free and unlimited, allowing you to train your memory, or just play as many times as you like