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Memory games online and others games of memory free games

Improve your memory

We recommend that you regularly play our games memory to train your memory, at least 2-3 times a week, gradually increase the level as you progress and you should be able to pass easily our memory games giant. About the children, they will find a wide selection of games for fun : memory games for kids

Abacus game online

Description of the Memory Game Abacus

At the beginning of the game, the abacus is displayed for a limited time during which the player try memorize the series or sequence of different balls. At the end of the chronometer, the balls are then sorted by color and the player must reposition the balls memory in the same order at the beginning. The prurpose of the game is to correctly place a maximum of balls in a shortest time possible.

Interest of the game:

This Abacus game is an excellent game to train the visual memory. More you play and more your exercise and train your memory. A good game for memory training!!!

Games on line:

Here, many abacus games are available and totally free. There is four levels of increasing difficulty, choose the one you like:

- Level 1: 9 balls to reposition on the abacus

- Level 2: 13 balls to reposition on the abacus

- Level 3: 17 ballss to reposition on the abacus

- Level 4: 25 balls to reposition on the abacus

All this games online for memorizing sequences of balls on this site are completely free and unlimited, allowing you to train your memory, or just play as many times as you like