Grober-Buschke test

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Grober-Buschke Test

This test is intended to explore the memory. This test presents the advantage to limit the interference of the disorders of the attention and the understanding. It is going to allow to compare the capacities of encoding and consolidation and the efficiency of the mechanisms of recovery.

This test consists in making teach a subject the words of a list then to ask him(her) to remember of these words.

In this test the patient will be helped:

- That is in case he cannot find himself the words of the list, we shall give him(her) at first an indication (=name of the semantic category of the forgotten word).
= > example: the word flower will be given to help the patient to find the word “daisy”.
This type of help is called an indicated reminder.

- If in spite of this first help, the individual does not find the word we are going to help him in a different way by giving him(her) the other words which we call distractors (=words belonging to the same semantic category as the forgotten word).
= > in the example, it will be “poppy”...
This type of help is called a recall recognition.

Progress of the Grober-Buschke test :

This test is divided into 3 parts :

1- A main trial : trial of 5 to 10 words

This test consists in making teach 5 words to a subject or 10 if the sociocultural level is high. .

These words have to belong to different semantic categories , for example: a tool, a flower, a science, a color, a fruit, a fish, a game, a dance, a piece of furniture, a bird, a metal, a tree, a sport, a vegetable, a disease, a musical instrument, a vehicle …

2- An interference test: test of attention

Its purpose is to distract the subject..

3- A delayed test: Immediately following the interference test

Download the lists of words

- List of 5 words
- List of 10 words