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Memory games to print

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To make yourself a memory game original, it's easy! Simply print out a card game of Memory below to paste printing on a rigid cardboard and then proceed to the cutting of each card. Here you will find memory games to print, choose the one you like!

Choose your memory game to print:

Choose from themes below the Memory that you want and click above to access the pdf Memory cards to print. On the game page, a button will allow you to print pdf Game. When the game has printed then you only have to cut the different cards.

The rule of the memory game:

To start the game, mix the cards, put all cards face against the table so that the images are not visible. The first player reveals two cards if they match, he wins otherwise he hides the cards again. Then it's the turn of the next player to return two cards and so on ... Each player have to try to memorize the location of differents cards. The aim of the game is to return successively two identical cards forming the pair to win them. The game is over when all pairs were found. The player who won the most cards wins the game.

Why play memory game:

The memory game is a great game to train his memory, practiced regularly, it will enable you to stimulate and boost your memory. To train, you can print a memory game above.