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Memory game Frozen

A great memory game for children and especially for girls with all your favorite characters from the Frozen such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf a friendly snowman, Kristoff, Sven the reindeer and Kristoff's loyal friend, Hans the prince of the Southern Isles (a prince charming who is not really charming!) A free and online game, so come and play!

This cartoon, produced by Disney Studios, tells the story of two sisters, Anna and Elsa. Elsa, the eldest, also called Frozen, is the princess of the kingdom of Arendelle, heiress to the throne, she have supernatural powers but she does'nt control them and she's isolated for fear of hurting his sister. Anna, the younger sister, will meet Hans, a prince charming... but not really charming! The other characters are Kristoff, a true outdoorsman who lives high up in the mountains, the Duke of Weselton a dignitary from Weselton (the Arendelle's neighboring kingdom). Marshmallow is an enormous icy snowman born from Elsa's powers.

How to play online memory game:

In this free games, the cards are arranged in columns and rows. You can change the number of cards on the board, and so the level of difficulty, thanks to the buttons located below the game.

You have to reconstruct the pairs of cards by turning them 2 by 2. If the cards turned face up are the same (a pair) you win and the pair disappears from the game otherwise the cards are automatically turned face down and you need to make a new try. Find all the pairs in the least moves and in a shortest time. You will find the full memory game rules here.

You can replay the same game as many times as you want: every time you start a new game, a random selection of the cards ensures a different game, so you can replay endlessly.

This game is compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. The content and the game adjust automatically to your device, so do not hesitate to play on a tablet or a smartphone.

Why play memory game:

Great exercise to train kid's memory. It's also a good practice to help them memorize the locations of different cards and you will be quickly surprised by their progress. This game will reinforce and boost their visual memory storage capacity in a playful way.

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