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Free memory games online for seniors

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How play to Memory games for seniors

These memory games especially designed for seniors, allows you to train your memory or just play. These memory games are separated into different levels of increasing difficulty:

- Level 1: memory games dedicated for seniors who are new to the game of memory.
      - simple shapes, no traps
      - 16 cards
      - many themes available

- Level 2: memory game of medium difficulty
      - more complex shapes, some traps
      - 20 cards
      - many themes available

- Level 3: difficult memory games for seniors the most trained
      - complex shapes, many traps
      - 36 cards
      - many themes available

Because the memory decreases with age, it is important that elderly stimulate their memory to keep it, and memory games like the famous Memory edited by the german company Ravensburger as an excellent way to do that.

All Memory Games senior on this website are totally free and unlimited, so train your memory, or just play as many times as you like.